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Alaska Pink Salmon Fishing

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Pink Salmon Fishing

Every even year, the Kenai River and the Kasilof River have a run of pink Salmon.  These aggressive fish, also known as "humpies" because of the large hump males develop along their backs, number in the millions on the Kenai River.  There are days where the Kenai River literally "boils" with pink Salmon.  You can see hundreds of them jumping out of the water at the same time.


Humpies do not discriminate.  Even the most jaded angler will have absolutely no problem catching these fish.  It is not uncommon for anglers' arms to become completely fatigued and sometimes develop carpal tunnel syndrome type symptoms from fighting so many of these fish in one day.  This is definitely one case where it truly is "catching" and there is no fear of only "fishing".


Humpies are caught using much the same methods as for silver salmon and King salmon.

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